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Five Exercises for Mom and Baby

Sep 2, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy

I met up with my friend Dr. Aliya (aka my "woman crush") this week to do some exercises and it was so much fun! The best part of this whole video is that I got to use the perfect and cutest weight ever -- Vienna!

You likely already know Aliya from a video I did last year when I was very pregnant. She gave me some awesome exercises to do to prepare my body for giving birth . She also really helped me and Vienna with breastfeeding in the early days. If you haven't already read it, check out my post on10 things every woman should know before giving birth. 

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Even though I've lost the baby weight (breastfeeding helped with that!) my body needs some serious strengthening. I feel kinda mushy, if you know what I mean! And I'm all about a Beyonce booty -- a girl's gotta have goals right!?! These exercises will definitely strengthen your whole body in a short amount of time. If you're a mama then you likely don't have an extra hour in your day to go to the gym so use your baby as a weight and get your booty moving.

These are the exercises Aliya showed me how to do:

Squats with Baby Rocket

An awesome whole body exercise. If you're babe is too heavy you don't need to lift him or her very high, just hold your baby and that may be enough of an added weight all on its own.

Rock-A-Bye Thighs

My buns were sore from this one actually! It is great for your lower body and goodness knows if you're carrying a heavy baby around you need strong legs. 

Pelvic Bridges

I do these all the time in my yoga classes! Pelvic bridges are awesome for your pelvic floor. 

Kissy Pushups

I love doing these pushups with Vienna. If you have long hair, make sure you pin it back.

Tickle Planks

These are so fun! 

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Here's the video:

Sep 2, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy
Boned Broth   •   September 21, 2016

Vienna looks sooo squishy, so cute! :) I'll share this to my mom friends, they will surely enjoy this! Thanks for sharing. :)


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