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Lazy Lady Turmeric Latte

I'm definitely crazy about turmeric and I am totally rooting for the United Nations to declare 2018 the year of turmeric! My daughter Vienna is in the same boat as me because she's also a huge turmeric fan. Whenever I make this latte she drinks almost half it because yes, it's that tasty.

Before I share this recipe with you, I need to just clear the air about two common myths people have about turmeric:

1. No, turmeric doesn't taste like curry, but it is what gives curry its bright beautiful yellow colour. It is spicy, sweet and earthy tasting. 

2. No, you do not need to add black pepper. Let me repeat: You do not need to add black pepper to this drink! I will say this until I'm blue in the face. I think many people believe this because of the marketing by the natural supplement industry that curcumin needs black pepper to be absorbed. When you use the "whole" turmeric root as is the case if you're using 100% ground organic turmeric root, all the phytonutrients will be present. This means you'll be getting a nice dose of turmerones that aid in the absorption of the curcuminoids. When the turmerones are removed, as is the case with many curcumin supplements, you have to add other ingredients to enhance absorption. See how nature just gets it right everytime? If you want to learn more about this, check out a podcast I did on The Ultimate Health Podcast, where I talk about this.

In fact, black pepper inhibits or downgrades your phase II liver detoxification, which is why it allows more curcumin to be absorbed. 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way ... you're probably wondering, if you're a turmeric latte virgin, what the heck does it taste like?!

If you ask my husband Walker, he will tell you this:

"It's very grounding".

Coming from Walker, who is as grounding as a 10-tonne rock (if you've met him, you'll know what I mean), this is a good thing! If he feels grounded, then you can bet if you're NOT feeling grounded, it will ground you.

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I've actually never had a comment from the Joyous Health community that they didn't like the taste of turmeric in a recipe like this. It's sweet, spicy, creamy and oh so good!

For me, whether I'm sipping on a Turmeric Ginger Tea, an Iced Turmeric Latte or chomping on this Curry Chickpea Stew, I love soaking up all of the anti-inflammatory goodness of this ingredient. Of course, in this Lazy Lady Turmeric Latte, we shouldn't give all the credit to turmeric because it does have ginger, cinnamon and raw honey; all of which are super nourishing, anti-inflammatory and immuno-supportive too. 

I'm not going to get into all the nitty gritty health benefits with this post, because in keeping with the lazy theme, I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet :)

I called it the Lazy Lady Turmeric Latte because that's exactly how I was feeling it the day I made it: L-A-Z-Y. 

And I wanted a pick-me-up that wasn't coffee (as I'm not a coffee drinker). I posted it on Instagram stories and everyone went BONKERS for it! So that's why I decided to film this recipe and post it on my YouTube channel.

So here's the video and the recipe is below!

As I mentioned in my video, please use really good quality ingredients, preferably organic spices (Cha's Organics is my go-to!). You'll appreciate the taste and get more of the health benefits too. 

Here is my recipe:

  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp heaping spoonful raw honey
  • 1/2 cup hot filtered water
  • 1 cup nut milk
  1. Place spices and honey into a heat safe jar.
  2. Boil water and pour into jar. Then add nut milk. Allow water to cool slightly before putting on the lid and seal tightly.
  3. Now shake, shake, shake that latte!
  4. Sip and enjoy!


Serves 1.

Please be careful when you seal the jar. Make sure the liquid isn't too hot. If it's too hot and the steam cannot escape the lid may pop open and spill everywhere when you shake it. You definitely don't want your whole kitchen stained with turmeric!

I hope you love it as much as I do and it saves you time so you incorporate more turmeric into your diet. 

I can't wait to hear what you think of this recipe! Please post your thoughts below and tell me what you think! :)

Have a joyous week!


Kelly   •   January 24, 2018

Can i substitute the honey for maple syrup?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Kelly, Yes, absolutely :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Melina   •   January 24, 2018

Do you warm up the milk as well? Thanks so much for this recipe!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Melina, In this recipe, it's not heated, however if you prefer a hotter drink, you can certainly heat it before adding it to the mixture. However, just be careful when it comes to the shaking step :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Amanda   •   January 24, 2018

Thank you for sharing the recipe! :)

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Of course! Hope you enjoy it Amanda :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Bernadette S.   •   January 24, 2018

Cant wait to try this. Yum

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Yay! Let us know what you think when you do Bernadette :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Jenny   •   January 24, 2018 you heat the nut milk at all?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Jenny, In this recipe, it's not heated, however if you prefer a hotter drink, you can certainly heat it before adding it to the mixture. However, just be careful when it comes to the shaking step :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Shannon   •   January 24, 2018

You’re brilliant. I love turmeric lattes but I’m super lazy now I make it everyday!! Game changer!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey, that's what Lazy Lady Turmeric Lattes are for, right?! :) Hope you enjoy it, Shannon! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Jeri I.   •   January 24, 2018

Thank you so much for posting this video. This might seem like a rudimentary question: How do I make an iced version of this latte? Other than adding ice, are there any extra steps involved?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Jeri, If you want to make it iced, you can still follow the steps as they are laid out (as the hot water will help to mix the turmeric better) and then throw some ice cubes in the jar and shake it up again until it's cold :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Viera   •   January 24, 2018

I have to try it! So fast and easy and yummy and HEALTHY! Thank you so much for sharing!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Yes, totally! Let us know what you think when you get a chance to try it Viera :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Ruby   •   January 24, 2018

So yummy. Can I add maple syrup instead of honey ?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Ruby, Yes definitely :) Maple syrup is a great natural sweetener! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Gigi   •   January 25, 2018

Is it ok to drink this while pregnant? I used to drink the golden tea all the time but not sure if it’s ok for baby.

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Gigi, Yes it is :) Joy drank turmeric lattes throughout her pregnancy, however, it's always best to check in with your natural health care practitioner before making any new changes in your diet. Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Rita   •   January 25, 2018

The Lazy Tumeric Latte sounds great. We have allergies to nuts ... Any suggestions to replace the but milk in this ?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Rita, Coconut milk would be a great alternative :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Tom Gibbins   •   January 25, 2018

I'm not into nut milks, can I use cow's milk instead?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hi Tom, We wouldn't advise drinking cow's milk as it's difficult to digest and is pro-inflammatory in the body. Instead we would recommend using coconut milk or hemp milk :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Sumita   •   January 25, 2018

I love this fast and quick way of making turmeric latte! So easy and delicious! Thank you Joy!!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

So glad to hear you enjoyed it Sumita :) Hope you and your little one are doing well! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Anna Grenier   •   January 25, 2018

Thank you for this! My son has had the flu all week and I have been wanting to boost my immune system. This is EASY and delicious- and I had all the ingredients!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Amazing Anna! Yes, it's such an easy way to get a whole whack of nutrition really fast! I hope your son feels better soon! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Kim   •   January 25, 2018

I never tried the other version, but this one is great. Thank you very much.

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Kim, Well if you feel so inspired to do so, you can find the recipe here: Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Michele W.   •   January 25, 2018

Love this!!! My favourite latte. Mmmmmmm

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

So happy to hear that Michele! Easier than ever, to boot :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Kathy   •   January 25, 2018

Great hack! If I may- I understood that pouring boiling water over honey diminishes its nutritional properties. Also, I found adding a full cup of nut milk from the fridge (where mine's kept after opening), cooled the half cup of hot water right down and it had to be heated up to be enjoyable.

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Kathy,

Yes, you may lose the enzymes but the B vitamins and amino acids will still be present! If you prefer a hotter drink, you could always warm the nut milk first :) Just be careful when shaking! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Carolyn Evoy   •   January 25, 2018

I can't use nut milk due to allergies. Which is better to use : coconut or soy milk?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Hey Carolyn, In that case, we would recommend coconut. Soy is a common allergen and is often genetically modified and can lead to hormonal issues so it's best to stay clear :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Nancy S   •   January 25, 2018

Sipping my Lazy lady tumeric is yummy! Thank you for the recipe❤️

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Yahooooo! So glad you're enjoying it Nancy! :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Liz   •   January 25, 2018

I can't wait to make this!! I absolutely love making the turmeric ginger tea. I'm guessing this is just as delish!! And even easier!! Thanks Joy!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 25, 2018

Yay! Awesome Liz! Let us know what you think when you end up trying it :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Tianna Tettemer   •   January 25, 2018

I absolutely love this recipe! And it was my favourite thing to wake up to this morning - thank you for your light Joy!


Leo M.   •   January 25, 2018

Great recipe! I have been trying so hard to treat my body a little better this year. Turmeric teas, ginger with lemon and found this great detox tea as well:


Lauren R.   •   January 25, 2018

Made this today


Diana   •   January 25, 2018

Ideas on how would I modify the recipe if I’m using fresh turmeric and fresh ginger? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 26, 2018

Yes totally! Use this method: Just copy and paste that into your browser. Or search my blog for Super Easy Turmeric Ginger Tea and you'll find the blender method.

Courtney   •   January 27, 2018

Hi Joy! I've made this twice now and I still find that the cinnamon and other ground spices tend to taste gritty. I made sure to shake well but I'm still struggling with the texture. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 28, 2018

It's not perfect, but that's what makes it the lazy version ;) You can always strain it but then you'll lose most of the health benefits. You may like the blender version better. Try this recipe:

Julia   •   March 7, 2018

I found the same, Courtney! I would still drink it, just stir it while I go...not ideal. I ran out of time the other morning and threw the jar in my bag to take it to work. I ended up putting in the microwave when I got there for 45 seconds (I know...microwaves...bad for us, etc...) BUT it totally dissolves the spices. The latte is SO creamy and delightful now!! I'm obsessed. Maybe you would find the same benefits if it just sits for a few extra minutes

Hope   •   February 9, 2018

This is delicious! Thanks Joy for another great recipe. It's hard to make things like this with kids running around but this "lazy" version is perfect.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 11, 2018

Totally! I know what you mean :) Enjoy!

Josie   •   February 10, 2018

I’ve been loving this ‘lazy’ drink! Thanks Joy!

Joy McCarthy   •   February 11, 2018

Glad you love it Josie!

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Sue Leroy   •   February 26, 2018

Joy, You are awesome !! you are so down to earth, I love it. ::) Gonna try to make this right now . If you can share a hot turmeric late for a pre bedtime drink, that would be awesome thanks for sharing .. your rock !! Sue

Rachel Molenda   •   February 27, 2018

Hey Sue, Awesome! We hope you enjoy it :) You might also enjoy Joy's other Easy Turmeric Ginger Tea Latte recipe, which you can find over here: Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Cathy kam   •   February 28, 2018

Very yummy !! But did need warming up after the milk was added.

Rachel Molenda   •   February 28, 2018

Hey Cathy, It depends how you like yours. We don't typically drink ours super hot. You could try warming up the milk on the stove top first so it doesn't cool it too much :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Elizabeth V   •   March 13, 2018

Just made this. And I love it. Easy and delicious. Hoping it helps a little with those aches and pains too. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Molenda   •   March 13, 2018

So happy you enjoyed it Elizabeth :) It definitely should! Turmeric comes with a wealth of benefits! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Colleen   •   March 15, 2018

Love this Tumeric Latte , thank you Joy ❤️

Rachel Molenda   •   March 16, 2018

So happy to hear you've been enjoying it, Colleen! :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

barb   •   March 28, 2018

i really do love this drink!

Rachel Molenda   •   March 28, 2018

Hey Barb! We're so happy to hear you love it :) Thanks for sharing. Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Catherine   •   April 3, 2018

Thank you I’ll make this my drink of choice.

Rachel Molenda   •   April 4, 2018

Hey Catherine, Wonderful! You will love it :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Kristin Jones   •   April 14, 2018

I made this today! With real ginger instead of powdered, and vanilla almond milk. So delicious!!

Rachel Molenda   •   April 16, 2018

Delicious! That sounds amazing Kristin :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Roni   •   April 21, 2018

Hi Joy, could you add some cocoa powder? Would that be tasty 😋? How much if you agreed would you add?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 22, 2018

Hi Roni! Hmmm, I'm not sure about that combo to be honest :) That being said, I haven't tried it myself so if you try it, please report back! If you were gonna add some I would say 1/2-1tsp. Good luck!

Jan   •   April 25, 2018

Hi Joy!I love love love this Latté. I like mine warm and cozy so I always heat my almond milk before adding. Thanks so much for this beauty!

Rachel Molenda   •   April 25, 2018

Mmm! So yummy :) So glad you're enjoying it Jan! Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Maria   •   June 3, 2018

Yummy! Tried this at one of our local cafes for the first time and I got hooked. Love this recipe though because 1: I save money, and 2: it's so easy! Love that I can put the spices and the honey in the mason jar and take to work and put boiling water and milk when I get there Oh and I didn't have any ground ginger at the time but I did add ground allspice and it was good!

Joy McCarthy   •   June 3, 2018

Hi Maria, mmm, allspice sounds like a wonderful addition :) Glad you'll save some dollars! Enjoy!

Rebecca   •   June 3, 2018

This should be called busy mom's afternoon pick me up. That's how I use it. I love it. And I love that it's easy.

Joy McCarthy   •   June 3, 2018

That's the perfect name! :)

Deb Young   •   July 5, 2018

Sounds delicious. Will be making it for sure. I am having hot Botanic turmeric with ginger each morning. Now I will have a nice cool drink too. Thank you for sharing

Joy McCarthy   •   July 5, 2018

Glad to hear it!

Joanna Barclay   •   August 21, 2018

Do you have a brand of Almond Milk that your recommend?

Joy McCarthy   •   August 21, 2018

Almond Fresh or Silk - the refrigerated carton are both great. 

Karen I.   •   September 28, 2018

I loved how easy this was to make, but it was a little too strong for my personal taste. I will try again with a little less spices and more milk. Will there be more of these recipes, now that fall is coming in, maybe something with pumpkin flavor? ;) Or maybe later this year, some holiday lattes recipes would also be awesome to add to our lattes favorites list! :D

Joy McCarthy   •   September 30, 2018

Hey Karen!

I've already got a pumpkin spice latte recipe right here: and a pumpkin smoothie: and my favourite London Fog: Enjoy!

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