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Province Apothecary - Sex Oil

While I’ll spare you the specific details on this one, I will tell you I really appreciate that this Sex Oil was formulated to be super clean, unlike your run of the mill conventional lubricant. The reality is that conventional lubricants actually contain a lot of junky ingredients (and remember, these type of products usually find their way both in and on us!) which can lead to a number of issues like yeast, drying/irritation, inflamed skin or even endocrine/hormonal issues.

Instead, Province Apothecary’s Sex Oil contains only 5 simple clean ingredients that actually provide nourishment and moisture for your skin. It is also scent/fragrance-free which is a huge bonus! I know these conventional lubricants think it’s attractive to smell like a frosted chocolate cupcake but it’s not so attractive when these scents evolve into bad bacteria that could potentially lead to bacterial vaginosis. Just keep it plain, simple, clean and scent-free – no one will ever be upset about that!


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