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Coconut Flour Banana Spice Muffins

These coconut flour banana spice muffins are grain-free, paleo, and full of delicious spices! Kids and adults LOVE these muffins and I'm sure they'll become a highly requested muffin in your home just like they are in my home!
Sep 30, 2016 | Joy McCarthy

Walker and I had our first overnight trip withoutVienna in Chicago earlier this week. Vienna has traveled with us on every trip so far, but this business trip would have been a little more difficult. Even though she was with my parents and I had absolutely nothing to worry about, I still missed her like crazy. So yeah, I was that mom texting with my mama most of the 36 hours were gone. LOL! Side note: Vienna loves her grandma and grandpa so much, she didn't mind one bit!

Now the reason for these muffins: The day we left, I whipped these up in the morning because Vienna loves them and so do I! I wanted her to have some healthy, yummy snacks and I wanted to bring some with us on the plane. I created these based on the deliciousness of my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. Once you've got the formula nailed for coconut flour, you can create anything!

I hope you love this short recipe video and be sure to watch the whole thing because I have a special guest at the end :) 

Whether you're making these for yourself or for little ones, they are a wonderful addition to breakfast with a smoothie or an afternoon power snack. I make them "mini" size so they are perfect for little hands and then you have no food guilt (not that you should anyhow) when you eat three or four of them. 

Coconut flour is a super nutritious flour to use. I mean, check out some of these benefits:

  • It contains about 16 grams of protein per cup, making it higher in protein than many grain-based flours.
  • Coconut flour is incredibly high in fibre, with a whopping 40 grams of the stuff that helps keep your digestive system moving per cup!
  • Coconut flour, like other coconut products, contains medium-chain fatty acids that help support a healthy metabolism and balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Coconut flour is gluten-free!

As for what puts the "spice" into these flavourful mini muffins, I added cinnamon and nutmeg, but you could also add ground ginger too.

  • Cinnamon is packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants! Cinnamon is ranked an impressive #7 on the ORAC scale that ranks the antioxidant levels in foods. Cinnamon's anti-inflammatory properties are so strong that studies have shown that it can help relieve muscle soreness, PMS pains, severity of allergic reactions, and other age-related symptoms of pain.
  • Cinnamon is a natural anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent.
  • In the 17th century, spice wars between Indonesia, Portugal and the Netherlands nearly rendered the nutmeg tree extinct. Thank goodness it was able to recover!
  • The nutmeg fruit actually produces two different spices: mace is harvested from the outside of the fruit, while nutmeg comes from grinding up the kernel.
  • Nutmeg (and the mace that comes from the same plant) has some completely unique disease-preventing phytonutrients. Trimyristin and myristicin can help soothe certain parts of the nervous system while stimulating others, so nutmeg can spice your mood up as well as your food!


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  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 2/3 cup mashed bananas
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted*
  • 4 eggs, whisked
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  1. Combine all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients.
  2. Then add the wet to the dry ingredients.
  3. Place batter into muffin tin cups or grease a muffin tin.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees F for 15-20 minutes for mini muffins or 20 minutes for regular size or until a fork inserted into the middle of the muffin comes out clean.
  5. Makes 15-20 mini muffins. Or 10 if you make them larger.


*UPDATE: I reduced the amount of coconut oil to 1/4 cup. It used to be 1/2 cup but I think less oil yields a better muffin :)

Makes 24 mini muffins or 12 large muffins.

If you have any questions about coconut flour feel free to post them below.

I hope you love these! Have a joyous day!


Sep 30, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy
leanne taylor   •   October 1, 2016

Hi Joy, These look delish! I only have spelt flour. How can I substitute the flours? Thanks! Leanne

Joy McCarthy   •   October 1, 2016

Emma Davis   •   October 2, 2016

Could I swap out the eggs for a vegan substitute like flax eggs?

Heather Allen   •   October 3, 2016

Andrea   •   October 3, 2016

Can the eggs be replaced with something do you think?

Andrea   •   October 3, 2016

Isra   •   October 5, 2016

Oh so delicious! Waiting for my bananas to ripen. Making a bunch to freeze this weekend...if they even make it to the freezer. Thanks for sharing Joy!


Grace   •   October 7, 2016

So yummy & moist! Definitely added to the favourite list very quickly! <3


Sue   •   October 11, 2016

Hi, I just made these banana muffins yesterday. I replaced the eggs with an egg replacer. They taste great but didn't really cook through. Any suggestions? Love all of your recipes!

Heather Allen   •   October 12, 2016

Maureen Hinz   •   October 12, 2016

Hi Joy! These sound delicious. Just wondering what brand of coconut flour you use / recommend? Thanks! :)

Heather Allen   •   October 13, 2016

Lisa   •   October 15, 2016

I just made these for breakfast and my 10 month old loved them! What's the best way to store these? Refrigerator or freezer? Thanks!

Heather Allen   •   October 17, 2016

Kim   •   October 15, 2016

Can you clarify what is the difference between baking soda and baking powder?

Heather Allen   •   October 17, 2016

Alexandra   •   October 16, 2016

Thank you Joy! You have nailed the proportions on coconut flour. Not too wet and not too dry!!! Thank you so much!


Andrea Koumi   •   October 16, 2016

Wow! So good! Approved by my two boys, ages 9 and 6! Made the minis and didn't use muffins cups or grease the pan, came out beautifully. :)


Emma Moss   •   October 28, 2016

Could you send me the flour substitute list. I've misplaced it! Thank you Emma

Heather Allen   •   October 28, 2016

Kelly   •   November 15, 2016

These were super quick to whip up, and clean up was a breeze while they were baking! I added some ginger as well, based on the suggestion in the blog.


Kay   •   November 16, 2016

These muffins look amazing! Have you made them without egg? Thank you for your suggestions.

Heather Allen   •   November 16, 2016

Kate   •   November 18, 2016

Hi there! Joy's blog says these are safe for babies 10 months+.... However, it's normally advised to not allow babies to have maple syrup until they're at least 1 year old. Because the maple syrup is being baked in this recipe, does that make it safe for baby to eat? Thank you and love your website and social media!

Joy McCarthy   •   November 18, 2016

Unknown   •   February 1, 2017

is this anything I could sub for the maple syrup? trying to avoid any sugars (even natural). Maybe apple sauce?

Rachel Molenda   •   February 1, 2017

Marygrace   •   February 6, 2017

Hi once I saw you using the panasonic combi. Please can you tell me any sites I can look to get more recipes so I cam make a good use of it. Thank you

Rachel   •   February 6, 2017

Kiren   •   February 7, 2017

Hi there, Just made these and i have to be honest it's taking me a while to get used to the taste of coconut flour BUT today I'm happy to announce these turned out fabulous and I added just some mini chocolate chips and they turned out great :). YUM!

Rachel   •   February 8, 2017

mara   •   February 17, 2017

yum! these sound and look so good!!

Rachel   •   February 21, 2017

Ligaya   •   March 8, 2017

I found this recipe through the YouTube video. I made a double batch today and added blackberries to half. They are very filling and delicious! Thank you!

Rachel Molenda   •   March 8, 2017

Lynn   •   March 25, 2017

Hi and Happy Spring : ) I am just beginning to start using flours other than wheat and others that contain gluten. Can you tell me what adjustments to make when using coconut flour and others like maybe brown rice flour. Someone told me you might need to use arrow root and I have no idea what it is. I'm apprehensive about recipes not working out and wasting all the ingredients because of not making the correct adjustments. I hope you can help. Thank you!

Rachel Molenda   •   March 27, 2017

Jodiann   •   April 3, 2017

Has anyone had success with these muffins by omitting the eggs? Chia gel perhaps? thanks

Rachel Molenda   •   April 4, 2017

Brenda   •   April 4, 2017

Can I make the coconut flour with a vitamix ?

Rachel Molenda   •   April 5, 2017

Brooke O\'Connell   •   April 14, 2017

Hi Joy, My muffins taste great but are sooo greasy. The bottoms of the cups were dripping. As I read the recipe I understood 1/2 c coconut oil- which I then melted. Should I have measured the melted oil? Help! Thanks :)

Rachel Molenda   •   April 17, 2017

Christina   •   May 22, 2017

Baking a batch of these right now! I'm wondering if they freeze well?

Rachel Molenda   •   May 23, 2017

paulina   •   September 22, 2017

i added rasins... they are delicious!!!!

Rachel Molenda   •   September 25, 2017

james   •   October 7, 2017

why do you all use soo much oil in these rercipes it makes it much less healthy yes its healthier fat but fat is fat and we should only eat a certain n amount of it in the end the oil creates fat too many calories per cookie etc

Rachel Molenda   •   October 11, 2017

Liv   •   December 26, 2017

Could I make this as a loaf instead of muffins?

Rachel Molenda   •   December 27, 2017

Marizol   •   January 8, 2018

Hello , I was wondering how many calories are in one of these muffins ? Thanks

Rachel Molenda   •   January 8, 2018

Minnie   •   July 2, 2018

Hi Joy Would it be possible to do this as a cake?

Joy McCarthy   •   July 3, 2018

Debbie   •   September 15, 2018

Good Morning Would these work with egg replacer?

Joy McCarthy   •   September 16, 2018

Lynda   •   September 16, 2018

I won’t to make these today, but I do not have bananas, so will use pumpkin instead. Also to mention that not all cinnamon is created equal as far as health benefits.

Joy McCarthy   •   September 16, 2018

Erin   •   September 19, 2018

This looks so yummy, but we don't eat eggs in our family. Do you have a suggestion for an egg replacement? I know it can be finicky with coconut flour. Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   September 19, 2018

Savita   •   September 20, 2018

I am new to baking but really want to make this, so a silly question here - do we have to preheat the oven or start right away ?

Joy McCarthy   •   September 21, 2018

Rosie   •   October 20, 2018

Hello im new here and I've made this once and im in love😍 but I was wondering if it would be possible to use erythritol instead of maple syrup and if so how much? Thank you for this yumny recipe!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 20, 2018

Rosie B.   •   October 20, 2018

Ok thank you😊 im experimenting right now. Cant wait to see the outcome.

Joy McCarthy   •   October 20, 2018

Loo   •   October 23, 2018

Can I replace the banana with pumpkin to make a season appropriate pumpkin spice muffin!? How much would I put in instead? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 24, 2018

Sue   •   February 24, 2019

Loved these muffins...deeelicious! My friends comment on the coconut oil and the recent Harvard and Mayo Clinic comments on the harmful saturated fats. Can you point me in the direction of evidence-based studies that I can share with them that coconut oil is actually very healthy?

Joy McCarthy   •   February 26, 2019

Sue   •   February 27, 2019

Thank you, Joy.


Laura   •   April 7, 2019

Will they also work with flax seed eggs?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 8, 2019

Monica   •   April 8, 2019

Hi Joy! What is melted coconut if it is not coconut oil? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 8, 2019

nadia berrabeh   •   April 13, 2019

Hi. To sub maple syrup?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 14, 2019

Jun   •   May 23, 2019

Hi Joy! I don’t have coconut oil so would I be able to substitute it for normal vegetable oil or something else? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   May 23, 2019

Elaine   •   August 4, 2019

Hi Joy, The ? I have is can I use honey instead of maple syrup?

Joy McCarthy   •   August 6, 2019

Jen G.   •   October 18, 2019

Just made these and I didn't have any ripe bananas, so I substituted with applesauce 1:1. It worked beautifully! The muffins are fluffy and delicious with a nice, light flavor. I also added some chopped walnuts on top for a bit of texture. Thanks for the recipe, Joy! This is the first time I've successfully worked with coconut flour. My husband still recalls the time of the coconut flour pancake debacle...

Joy McCarthy   •   October 19, 2019

Karen   •   November 13, 2019

Any comments on omitting the 4 eggs? Sometimes replacing with that many flax eggs do not turn out. Any advice?

Joy McCarthy   •   November 13, 2019

danny   •   December 9, 2019

can I substitute honey for maple syrup in this recipe?

Joy McCarthy   •   December 9, 2019

Shannon M.   •   February 3, 2020

Made these today! I ran out of cinnamon so I used clove, cardamom,mace and 1/4 more than recipe called for of nutmeg. Taste great. Was just wondering tho they seem pretty moist.Which I dont mind but are they suppose to be and what is the best way to store them. I prefer mine not to be cold but when I make your goji berry ones They are moist also and when I store them in a cupcake container on the counter they get moldy in a day or two. Help me to not lose any more of your delicious muffins.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 4, 2020

Neda   •   August 28, 2020

Hi , can we sub eggs with flax egg ? Thanks

Joy McCarthy   •   August 30, 2020

peta Chait   •   August 29, 2020

Going to maje them now

Joy McCarthy   •   August 30, 2020

Alethea Lyn   •   January 16, 2021

I made your muffins but I did not have any bananas so I used 2/3 cup Granny Smith apples and 2/2 blueberries. It was amazing! We love, love this recipe!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 18, 2021

Elaine   •   October 4, 2021

Light and tasty. Easy to make. Added walnuts for crunch.

Joy McCarthy   •   October 4, 2021

Elizabeth   •   January 18, 2022

Could you add chocolate chips?

Joy McCarthy   •   January 19, 2022

Tanisha H.   •   April 29, 2023

Oldie but a goodie! My kids both LOVE these muffins


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