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5 Health Hacks For Radiant Skin

These 5 health hacks are going to help you glow from the inside out! Radiant skin is about what you eat, your lifestyle, and so much more. These are my best skin hacks!
Jan 7, 2020 | Joy McCarthy

In our quest for beauty, more often then not we are drawn to the latest trendy eye cream or face mask in order to achieve flawless skin. Don't get me wrong, I love a good beauty product but I used to think the only way to flawless skin was from something applied topically until I realized how much our dietary and lifestyle habits influence our beauty.

Prime example: When I used to be addicted to sugar, I always looked "puffy" and if I had a night of indulgence with too much alcohol I would wake up with inflamed red skin. The Joyous Detox helped me immensely!!


As you can see, what you eat can have a huge impact on your skin that fast. What happens when we consume skin-irritating foods like wheat (gluten), dairy, sugar, alcohol and coffee, is that it triggers the release of pro-inflammatory hormones which can lead to things like rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and redness of the skin.

But once we understand how quickly these foods can take a toll on our skin, we can also understand that achieving radiant glowing skin is within arm's reach, simply by nourishing ourselves with skin-LOVING foods and incorporating supportive lifestyle habits! 


There are a number of ways I support my skin on a daily basis, but I've highlighted 5 of the top dietary and lifestyle habits (let's call them "health hacks") that I love the most!

5 Health Hacks To Achieve Radiant Skin

1. Get Outside Every Single Day


I make a point to get outside every single day by going on walks in our local park with my family. It's one of my favourite ways to boost my energy and relieve stress. Spending time in nature has also been shown to increase levels of the mood-supporting neurotransmitter, serotonin. This is why you might find you feel happier when you're in nature and when you are happy to your core, you naturally have a glow to you! 

Getting outside also gives you an opportunity to soak up some vitamin D, also known as "the sunshine vitamin", because the highest quality form of it comes from the sun! Vitamin D is such an essential nutrient in the body to support everything from our immune system, to our mood and bone strength. It also plays a key role in the health of our skin since Vitamin D supports skin cell growth, repair and metabolism.

Since it plays such an essential role in regulating our immune system, it can also help to destroy free radicals that might otherwise contribute to premature aging. Of course, there's that sweet spot between too little and too much sun exposure, as too much sun can speed up the aging process. Typically you want to aim for 10-15 minutes of sunlight exposure daily, however keep in mind, if you live in North America, you actually can't absorb Vitamin D from the sun between the months of November - May. If that applies to you, you will want to look into supplementing with Vitamin D during these months which I talk more about in this post.


The other important consideration is that being outside exposes us to a variety of bacteria, especially if we are gardening or hiking. These bacteria are essential to our health and wellness as they help to form our skin microbiome.


2. Eat Beautifying Foods

As I mentioned previously, what you put into your body (and what you don't put into it) can play a huge role in the overall health of your skin. A good general rule of thumb to ensure you're eating beautifying foods on a daily basis is to eat a variety of as many colourful foods as possible. 


Many phytonutrients contain antioxidants that help to cool inflammation. Inflammation, if you recall, is typically where skin irritations and conditions like eczema or rosacea stem from.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that every time you eat, you have to ask yourself "Is this food going to hamper my beauty?" But instead, strive to constantly eat a variety of colourful foods, in addition to some of the major skin-loving foods I've outlined below:

  • Kale - A total skin superfood and mega-watt detoxifying gem that should be a regular on everyone's dinner plate is kale! It's rich in beautifying nutrients including vitamins A, C and K. It's also rich in iron, magnesium potassium, lutein and many antioxidants. Lutein, as well as vitamins A and C, are precursors to collagen which is essential for structure and support of the skin. The detox benefits of kale from fibre and glucosinolates are notable because more efficient detoxification means healthier, more vibrant skin. Be sure to try my Juicy & Crunchy Kale Salad or my Creamy & Dreamy Kale Salad!

kale salad

  • Reishi Mushrooms – The research that is coming out around the health benefits of reishi mushrooms are outstanding! From a skincare perspective, reishi comes with powerful antioxidant and antiaging effects. It does so by protecting cellular DNA from oxidant damage that contributes to aging.  The proven Ling Zhi form of Reishi is also known traditionally for supporting both longevity and healthy aging. It's typically consumed in a tea or in specific supplements

Green Smoothie with Kale, Pineapple and Banana Ingredients

  • Aloe – You might be familiar with aloe if you've suffered from a sunburn, but have you ever consumed it? Doing so can do wonders for your gut, and if you're familiar with my skin healing philosophy, you'll know that I'm an advocate for supporting the health of our skin by starting within (i.e. the gut!) That's because your skin is a reflection of what's happening on the inside. Aloe's anti-inflammatory properties help to support overall digestion while healing the intestinal lining. Be sure to try my Digestive Soothing Smoothie with aloe. 

  • Fish – Fish is an amazing source of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant (50x more powerful than common antioxidants like Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. It has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and help maintain a youthful appearance. It's also what gives salmon it's vibrant orange colour!

    Eating fish, in general, is also amazing for the health of your skin. You're getting so much more than just EPA and DHA – you're also getting numerous other omegas and vitamin D! Omega-3s, in particular, are amazing to reduce inflammation to pave the way for clear glowing skin. These fatty acids also act as natural moisturizers that help to alleviate dry skin from the inside out. 

3. Make Sleep A Priority

This one might be more obvious to you if you've ever woken up from a terrible sleep, leaving you with puffiness and bags under your eyes. When you're sleep-deprived, or sleeping for less than 8 hours a night, inflammatory chemicals are elevated which can lead to aging of the skin. 

Another thing that happens when we're sleep deprived is that appetite hormones are increased. But your body doesn't just want any food – it wants carbohydrate – typically in the form of refined sugar, refined carbohydrates or alcohol. This is because it's the body's preferred form of energy since it has the potential to boost energy levels the fastest, although it almost always ends in an energy crash. And if you didn't already know, none of these are particularly skin-loving foods. Instead, we can look to these natural solutions for better sleep to ensure we are getting an adequate amount of sleep which will help prevent any appetite hormones increasing to begin with!

4. A jade roller 

Jade Roller

I'm a lover of my Province Apothecary Jade Roller. It is the best face massage you can do on your own! Any time you massage your face you are increasing the circulation. I find it brightens and de-puffs my skin within a matter of minutes. I love rolling my face after leaving the roller overnight in the fridge. It feels soooooo good!

A little hack if you don't have the budget for a jade roller is to use a cold spoon but it just not quite the same. Use code: JOY to get 10% off any of Province Apothecary's wonderful products, they are JOYOUS APPROVED. Dry Skin Brushing has many of the same benefits and is absolutely essential for beautifully radiant skin (not to be used on your face though, your body)!

5. Water


This always comes across as the plain, boring and "I already know that" tip that I recommend to joyous readers and clients but it truly is SO important for your overall health, but especially for the health of your skin! Water is so important for digestion and also helps to promote circulation, absorption and excretion to ensure we are eliminating toxins efficiently which might otherwise represent themselves on our face through blemishes or acne. Drinking an adequate amount also comes with anti-aging benefits for the skin.

If you find it difficult to drink your 8 cups of water a day, you can also hydrate by eating more hydrating foods like watermelon, strawberries, smoothies (have you tried my Gingerbread Smoothie yet?) and soups. This also means being mindful of how many baked, roasted, boiled or dehydrated foods you're eating. There's nothing wrong with these kinds of foods, but since they have a dehydrating effect on the body, you'll want to make sure you're rehydrating to compensate. Add some lemon to that water and you make it even more skin-loving as lemon stimulates cleansing and detoxification of the liver. 

To increase your water intake:


I hope these health hacks help you discover beautiful radiant skin!

Joy xo

Geege   •   December 14, 2017

Unfortunately the New Chapter supplement contains carrageenan, a Cancer causing agent and one I stay away from. Thanks for the recommendations though. I just love your blog and recipes. And what a sweet family you have. Happy holidays

Rachel Molenda   •   December 15, 2017

Lisa   •   December 14, 2017

I like to gently exfoliate my face and neck once a week with a paste of baking soda and a little warm water. After rinsing it off my skin looks super radiant!

Rachel Molenda   •   December 15, 2017

Mandy T.   •   December 14, 2017

I printed off a copy of your "Skin Superfoods" and I keep it on my fridge. I find it very helpful and effective. It's much easier to eat healthy when you have a guideline to follow. Thanks!

Rachel Molenda   •   December 15, 2017

Amara R.   •   December 15, 2017

i simply loved reading the article SUPPLEMENT WITH NEW CHAPTER'S PERFECT HAIR, SKIN

Rachel Molenda   •   December 18, 2017

Tressie Dawson   •   December 18, 2017

This is a very informative post! I love reading your articles. Thanks for the post.

Rachel Molenda   •   December 18, 2017

CindiLC   •   December 18, 2017

As an esthetician of twenty years, I agree with all of this! It’s not completely about what you put ON your skin, but how you treat your body over all that really matters.

Rachel Molenda   •   December 18, 2017

Cheryl   •   December 18, 2017

I have tried many techniques to keep the same blemish from appearing on my face, what could you advise to try? or suggestion? Thanks

Rachel Molenda   •   December 19, 2017

tara   •   December 27, 2017

Thanks Joy! Do you know if New Chapter's Perfect Hair, Skin

Rachel Molenda   •   December 27, 2017

Mokbul H.   •   December 30, 2017

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Nidan C.   •   January 4, 2018

Great and inspiring content found here.... thanks and keep inspiring us by sharing more and more beneficial


Sabryna   •   January 5, 2018

Hi Joy! I really love your blog and Youtube Channel. What are some good (tasty) ways to consume aloe?

Rachel Molenda   •   January 5, 2018

Terry Carrico   •   May 9, 2018

Nice post! The content is really very informative. These are the best skincare products one must use in their daily skincare regime. All kinds of skincare problems can be resolved only if you keep a proper skincare regime.I would like to add my favorite product too one should include in their kit is revitol skin brightener. Its the most effective cream and will invariably brighten your skin tone and give a radiant glow. Its a must try.

Rachel Molenda   •   May 9, 2018

Freya   •   February 18, 2020

I'm doing all of these (except for the going outside part) and they all work great for my skin! Well, I have to try going out in the sun soon. My job is night-shift so I really don't have the chance to meet Mr. Sun everyday.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 18, 2020

TINA   •   July 16, 2020

Hi joy, I recently bought the joyous health book and absolutely love it! It is so well written and easy to follow, I couldnt put it down and read it the day it came! I have have started slowly as you suggested and am having the lemon water in the morning and one of the smoothies for breakfast or lunch. Have cut back to one coffee in the morn instead of three, but not sure if I can give it up altogether. Am slowly stocking up on the organic foods like flours butters etc, as they are not cheap, but slow and steady wins the race. I have lost 10lbs so far and definitely feeling better as I have been suffering with depression through COVID so am not working at the moment, but feel that I am on the right path to a speedier recovery with the joyous health. So thank you for writing this book and sharing your wealth of knowledge, it has already started towards a positive change. TINA

Joy McCarthy   •   July 20, 2020

Lindsay Austman   •   August 7, 2020

Hi. I live in Saskatchewan what is a good all year round skin care routine. I am wanting not to wear foundation too so i need something that minimizes scars

Joy McCarthy   •   August 9, 2020

Lindsay Austman   •   August 9, 2020

So something like the vitamin e oil then


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