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JH Podcast 12: Aging Well Throughout the Decades from the Inside out Using Food, Supplements and Lifestyle Habits

Whether you're in your 20s, 40s, 60s or 80s, there is so much you can do to help yourself age beautifully.
Sep 25, 2019 | Joy McCarthy

Whether you're in your 20s, 40s, 60s or 80s, there is so much you can do to help yourself age beautifully. Let me be clear that I'm not against aging. Aging is the most natural process our body endures, but there are a ton of incredible things we can do to help ourselves age naturally and feel our best throughout the decades, which Walker and I will be sharing with you in this episode! 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why I'm ANTI-anti-aging
  • How aging impacts your organs, in addition to the quality of your skin
  • Why I feel better in my 40s than my 20s
  • What's happening internally in your body throughout the decades
  • Why you need to start thinking about supporting your body in your 20s
  • Melasma and how to prevent it 
  • The decline of estrogen as you age and how it affects your skin
  • The terrifying images I had taken by a Naturopath
  • Alcohol is a huge culprit in aging skin 
  • The role of sugar and aging 
  • AGES (Advanced Glycation End Products) and how they contribute to collagen and elastin break down 
  • "Inflammaging" and what it really means
  • The role of the microbiome in the aging process
  • The foods and supplements to emphasize and avoid to promote graceful aging 
  • Astaxanthin and its UV-blocking properties
  • Green Tea and how catechins help to fight off free radicals
  • The importance of antioxidants as you age 
  • Vitamin C as the precursor to collagen
  • How fermented foods help to reduce inflammation
  • Exercise and how it makes our cells younger
  • Regenerating your telomeres
  • Why beauty sleep is REAL
  • Managing stress and why its more important than ever 
  • Why I recommend multi-strain probiotics
  • Blue zones and what we can learn from them



Skin-Loving Recipes:

If you have any other questions about gracefully, leave them below! Or if you have any tips I didn't cover in the podcast, please share your secrets!

Melyssa   •   October 1, 2019

Wow what a great episode. I think when you include studies, like the people from around the world and especially your hubby’s information on telomeres , that really makes the podcasts worth sharing ! I’ve shared to three people already. I love learning new things everyday! Not just what people THINK are good. Thank you !

Joy McCarthy   •   October 1, 2019

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