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5 Daily Tips for Healthy Skin from Within

Your skin is the largest organ and is greatly impacted by your daily habits including what you eat, how much water you drink and the supplements you take.
Jun 21, 2021 | Joy McCarthy

In my latest video, I share some natural ways to care for your skin from within on a daily basis! The root of healthy skin stems from good nutrition and healthy digestion. It goes without saying that what you put on your skin has a great impact as well but sometimes we spend far too much time focusing on lotions and potions when actually our daily habits can strongly influence the health of our skin. 

In this video, I shared 5 DAILY habits for healthy skin from within.

Here's a summary of my 5 points:

1. Nourish: Eat Detoxifying + Anti-inflammatory Foods

turmeric collagen latte

Eat detoxifying and anti-inflammatory foods on a daily basis. 

2. Don't sabotage yourself: Cut out the junk

Want to have healthy skin? You've gotta cut out or at least take a break from these foods that can sabotage your skin because they are inflammatory-promoting: sugar, dairygluten, rancid vegetable oils (corn, canola etc). 


Sugar is the worst offender for the skin on many levels.

It elevates insulin which is an inflammatory hormone and causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. If you've never done a sugar detox, now is the time! Have a listen to this episode of The Joyous Health Podcast about how I kicked my sugar addiction. 

3. Drink more water

The most inexpensive and easiest way to improve the health of your skin is to drink more water. Water prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. It supports elasticity and helps your skin glow by aiding in the elimination of waste and toxins via the sweat, urine and bowels. 

Lemon and water in a glass

Without adequate water, our skin is unable to fulfill its functions as a natural barrier and becomes less smooth. Try this rubber elastic tip here for drinking more water. 

Give your water a boost by adding some fresh lemonapple cider vinegar or digestive bitters

4. Consider natural health supplements 

I've talked about supplements for healthy skin here, but one, in particular, I want to highlight is GLA - gamma-linolenic acid. 

GLA is an essential omega 6 fatty acid with well-known anti-inflammatory properties. It nourishes your skin from the inside out to improve skin moisture, elasticity and firmness. It helps to improve skin hydration which is essential for strengthening the barrier function of the skin. This is the one I personally take daily. 

I also use collagen on a daily basis in my tea or smoothies too as it helps to revive your skin. 

5. Skinimalism

Less is more when it comes to healthy skin! Have you ever looked at the ingredients listed on your face wash or moisturizer? Can you pronounce every ingredient? 

Remember that what goes on your skin, gets in your body. It's a faster route to your bloodstream than eating it.

As I've talked about many times before and in the Joyous Detox cookbook, there are chemicals that disrupt your hormones, cause skin irritation and sensitivity, and just shouldn't be anywhere near your body. 

This is why I personally use and recommend our Skin Care Duo: Fresh Face and Hella Hydrating! 

Learn more about our skincare line here. 

Joy xo

Jane moss   •   June 22, 2021

I really like and enjoy reading your Blog and your videos so interesting Iam looking after myself more reading food labels when out shopping.

Joy McCarthy   •   June 22, 2021

Deborah Arseneault   •   June 22, 2021

Joy, I truly like using your skincare products. My skin feels very clean, healthy and glowing. Thank you for your expertise in health care from the inside out. Appreciate you, Deborah

Joy McCarthy   •   June 23, 2021

Cathy T.   •   June 28, 2021

Hi Joy! About 3 years ago, I made a lot of changes in my eating habits, cutting out refined sugars, eating whole foods, baking with non gluten flours, which is how I discovered your website. Lately I’ve been thinking if I need to pay more attention to skin care which is why I’m writing to you. I’ve been using Mary Kay skin care for 20 years and just haven’t thought of ever using anything else. Honestly, I love their skin care products. BUT, now I’m wondering if they are toxic to my skin. Do you know anything about these products or can you tell me how I can find out? Change is not easy for me, but if I need to stop using this skin care, I may be your new customer.

Joy McCarthy   •   June 29, 2021

Robyn McKay   •   July 20, 2021

I’m surprised to not see sunscreen on here, would love to see sunscreen promoted more!

Joy McCarthy   •   July 21, 2021

Diane Boehm   •   November 23, 2021

Hi Joy - Is linolenic acid the same as GLA? I take the New Chapter prenatal wholemega and it includes linolenic acid, but just wondering if they are the same or if I should be supplementing with something else.

Joy McCarthy   •   November 23, 2021

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