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Most Popular Posts of 2013

Dear Joyous Reader,At the end of every year I always enjoy seeing what the most popular posts were on Joyous Health. Hopefully you got a chance to read the
Dec 30, 2013 | Joy McCarthy

Dear Joyous Reader,

At the end of every year I always enjoy seeing what the most popular posts were on Joyous Health. Hopefully you got a chance to read the Most Popular Recipes of 2013. From mushroom burgers, to cookies and healthy smoothie recipes, eating healthy has never been so easy! In fact, if you were one of the hundreds of people who did our Joyous 10-day Detox in 2013 then you know how seriously I take creating recipes that are both healthy and yummy!

Here are the top 10 most popular article posts on Joyous Health for 2013 (excluding recipes) from the truth about the birth control pill right through to foods that work together synergistically:

The Truth About The Birth Control Pill

 "The pill has allowed us to have care free sex whenever and wherever we want; the only problem is we are corrupting our bodies not only from a hormonal perspective, but also a nutritional perspective." - Mary Cammusuli.

What Your Poo Says About You!

Just like your eyes are the window to your beautiful soul, your poop is the window to the health of your digestive system. Your gut provides you with signs and symptoms such as constipation and heartburn when things are off so it’s really not surprising your poop’s appearance tells you a lot about your digestive system.

5 Ways to Take Your Smoothie from Good To Deeeeelicious!

Getting bored of the same old smoothie day after day? I don’t blame you. Variety is the spice of life! Here are some ideas to get out of your smoothie rut and go from good to deeeelicious!

Confused about Calcium? To Drink Milk or Not...

As I’m sure you can guess, I do not recommend cow’s milk. This sterile white liquid when slurped on a daily basis is a recipe for inflammation, food sensitivities (tummy troubles, acne, eczema, headaches etc) and it’s an acidifying food. The milk of today is not the same our great-grandparents were drinking otherwise known as raw milk. It is homogenized, pasteurized, sterilized... continue reading.

Choosing the Best Protein Powder

First things first, protein is a very crucial nutrient that has many metabolic purposes and we all need high quality protein daily. It is the nutrient that helps our bodies build muscle, balance blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings, create hormones, modulate our immune systems, and continue reading...

Natural Cures for the Common Cold and Flu

From turmeric honey soother to the honey ginger lemon elixir featured below (also great for a hangover) there are natural cures to fight the common cold and flu. If you are someone who often gets sick often then you need to supercharge your immune system! Continue reading...

 12 Hormone Altering Chemicals

 “Endocrine disrupters”, heard this before? These are chemicals that do a great job at messing up your hormones by increasing levels, decreasing others, pretending to act like hormones but in disguise and interfering with hormone signalling, those jerks! Continue reading...

Foods to Avoid & Foods to Add to Improve Your Skin

 Beauty is a result of the inside health of your body. The foods you eat on a daily basis and your digestive health both have a significant impact on your skin, hair and nails. After watching the video and reading this post, if you want to learn more then be sure to check out my Natural Beauty E-Guide.

5 Yoga Poses for Detoxification

Yoga can help us release toxins that have been built up in the body and need help finding their way out, enhancing all of your efforts in your cleanse. Through various twists, folds, inversions, and sweating, Yoga will clean out toxins, lower stress hormones, send more oxygen to our cells, and increase circulation to carry nutrients to the cells and toxins away to be eliminated. Guest blogger Michelle takes us through a series of poses. Want more? Check out this year's Joyous 10-day Detox yoga series!

10 Food Pairings that Work Better Together

 As I was prepping for a radio segment on Lisa Live, I realized that the very topic I was speaking about was something I was doing right that very minute by drinking my tea with lemon! It’s called food synergy — combining certain foods to boost nutrient absorption. Continue reading...

2013 has been quite an exciting year; I got married (yay!!), I finished writing my book JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well Without Dieting (woohoo!) and I had some AMAZING contributors provide interesting and education content on JH. Thank you to Stephanie Valentine, Adam Vacon, Kate McDonald Walker, Michelle V, Michelle Uy, Kathrin Brunner, and Mary Cammisuli for your guest post contributions!

Thank you for your continued support and being a reader or a subscriber to Joyous Health!! My goal is to educate as many people as possible on natural health in hopes that it brings positive joyous change to your life. We have a newsletter that goes out twice per month called "Dose of Joy".

Have a joyous day!


Diane   •   January 12, 2014

Lots of good information! Loved the yoga and protein powder tips. Even enjoyed reading about the poop :-)

Joy McCarthy   •   January 14, 2014

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